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Hot Pics of Robert


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Someday... when I have a few hundred thous I'm going to commision a sculptor to make me my own Robert statue....from the bulging 70's.

Yep, that's my plan. Right in my bedroom. :)

YeaaahhhhHhh!!!! You go girl!!!!!!

One statue of Robert in tight jeans, open blouse and long flowing hair will look thousand times hotter than the naked Statue of David!

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Awwwwww! :wub::wub::wub:

They sure will forever be "the Zep guys". I love that photo - it reminds me of how madly in lust love I was with them when I was a young teen. :blush:

:lol: I think I was both in lust and love with them back then.. ;):blush:

Those are cute pants. They look like they are made from crushed velvet.

Now that you mention it, they do! I didn't even notice that before :lol::lol:

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Now I'm not gonna jump to conclusions

oh and throw away this perfect romance

even though I saw him dancing last night

with a girl in leopardskin pants

oh he's probably stuck in traffic

and he'll be here in a little while

just call me Cleopatra everybody

cause I'm the Queen of Denial

-Pam Tillis

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