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Greetings From Up North


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Just wanted to stop by and greet you all... I am a 22Year old Zeppelin fan from Norway... Cant brag about beeing a longtime fan though, have only listened to them for, like, a year or so and i am still amased that i have not got into them earlier since i am a longtime Rock/Metal head and i was completly blown away the first time i heard "Stairway To Heaven" for sooo many years ago and have always loved the song... But, better sooner then later as they say, and here i am...

As soo many others, i was not able to get tickets for their London show and as so many, i still cross fingers for them to do a world tour and hopefully get the honour to see them live... I remember just getting my body filled with goosebumps and the hair from my feet to me neck just stood up when i say live vid from their show (actually does just thinkin about it)... We can always hope, cant we..? And i dont think i have ever almost had a tear in me eye from seeing footage of a band live, before i saw them perform Black Dog, in that vid clip... It was just so amazing... But enough babbling, anyway... Greetings... :P

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