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Miracles that have altered your course


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Bless all of you for sharing! Evster, I hope everything works out for you.

MSG wrote:

"When I have been in the depths, (maybe in the place where you are now or have been in the past) the universe always sent me a friend or a lover who was the counterweight to those depths."

It's true, you can't know the highest heights without knowing the darkest depths. But to have a friend, or lover, or animal spirit, (or great guitarist :) ) come along to show you that, and share it with you, that is a miracle.

My biggest miracle was understanding one day that being able to feel the warmth of the sun with eyes closed and mind still is the biggest miracle of all. All the rest is icing... except for friends, lovers, and animal spirits (and great guitarists), they're the cake.

"Bright light almost blinding, black night still there shining,

can't stop, keep on climbing... "

In counter balance to the heavy bits, I was having this discussion with my husband once, about the abundance of the universe. We were camping and I was trying to get him to understand that the world will provide, so I said, pretty bombastically, "the universe is abundant! You just have to look around!" So he looked all around the campsite we were in and said "Yeah, I sure do see an abundance of poison oak!" :lol:

I notice that you had to slip "guitarist" into your post. B)

Great post, btw. :)

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My heart goes out to Leddy,Ev,MSG,Aquamarine,Dzldoc and everyone else..

For me,the 2 biggest miracles were overcoming my depression (As posted on the "Depression" thread by Ev) and the biggest one is easily one that happened before i was born... (I'll offend some Republicans and Englishmen and maybe a protestant or two here since its a largely political story)

During the Irish civil war against the English (Here i go) we were on a limb,we were basically out of weapons,the entire country was almost out of weapons.The English didn't know this.The English had complete control,Speaking Irish was illegal,and if a catholic owned a horse worth any more than £5 he had to give it to a protestant for £5,he HAD to,this applied to horses worth more than £100,if you didn't give it you were shot (It's still legal to shoot a catholic with a bow and arrow from atop UCC) one man didn't do this (Art O'Leary) He was shopt on sight and his wife wrote a poem for him called "The Lament of Art O'Leary" before killing herself.Anyway,Éamon De Valera,our American Taoiseach from the fíanna fáil party (Our equivalent to Republicans) was in America getting "funds" and sent Michael Collins to negotiate with the English,he came out with 26 out of 32 counties,he planned to come back and fight for the last 6.He relayed his plan to De Valera,he said "No,we will fight for the county's!We will have all or nothing!" (Idiotic,we had no ammo,he had gotten the funds but there is a vast English army to account for,we could have gotten the 26 as Collins planned but De Valera insisted) So there was the treaty,and the anti-treaty guys,and the pro-treaty guys.My Great Grandfather was anti,on De Valera's side (I'd be on Collins though) There was a massive vote,hitherto,voting was seldom,but there was a huge vote and the treaty was favoured by a landslide,but De Valera didn't want that,he wanted to overturn the democratic vote and fight anyway.Now England had already signed the treaty so we had the county's but we needed a break from the war but De Valera decided we had to fight,Fíanna Fáil wanted to keep going and this would slaughter many Irishmen.Now while my Great Granddad was on that side he swore he would never ignore the democratic vote and made it public that he was against it.So Fíanna Fáil hired an assassin to kill him,he had never had any children,if they succeeded i would never have been here.He was walking down the street one day when a terrible feeling came over him,he stopped in the middle of the road and said a hail Mary,then continued walking.Years later,after the war had ended,a man walked up to him and gave him the exact time and date of the events and said "I had orders to kill you that day,i was on grand parade,i had a gun on your head,i was going to shoot,when you stopped,and i couldn't do it.I couldn't shoot you.I don't know what it was but i didn't,I put the gun down and went home."

My Great Granddad always insisted it was the hail Mary that saved him and 3 generations of my family.What a miracle,eh?

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