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robert in leather

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does anyone have or know where i can get a pic of robert in leather pants....oh there's somehting about a man in leather...oh well never mind

i don't think they are exceptionally good pictures of robert, but he is wearing leather pants, so here you are



you can hardly see his leather pants here, but you can see that fantastic shirt a teeny bit better.



Q:Is there a point beyond which a rocking gentleman can no longer wear leather pants?

Robert: Yes. When gardening.

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I don't have any pix of it (though I definitely don't mind searching), but he's in all leather in the Tall Cool One video.

Here are a few. Not the greatest, but still good to look at.


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Well, at least in the first pics posted tehre's one of him shirtless. I don't find many pics of him shirtless as hot... must be a mystique thing with just an open shirt *shrug*... I dunno. With the snake... and that one posted there.

I'm the same way. I preferred to see him with an open shirt, than shirtless. Although the snake pic...... as much as I hate snakes, if they're wrapped around a man like that - it's all good. :)

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That's tragic. :'( It also takes the luster off those wonderful pics, a bit, to think of him coming out in a rash . . .

Rashes do suck. But think of it this way-we could help doctor the poor thing and make him feel better...

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