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Rank Your Top 10 LZ Songs


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Great topic!!! Tough one too!!

1-Nobody's Fault But Mine

2-When The Levee Breaks (My nickname!!!)

3-In My Time Of Dying

4-Stairway To Heaven

5-The Rain Song

6-No Quarter

7-Achilles Last Stand

8-Black Dog

9-Ten Years Gone

10-Since I've been Loving You

Did I mention Presence was in my top 3 albums?

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Ugh, I have to go to the top 20:

1. Kashmir

2. Rock and Roll

3. Fire (unreleased song)

4. Achilles Last Stand

5. Black Dog


7. Ten Years Gone


9. We're Gonna Groove

10. Bonzo's Montreaux

11. I Can't Quit You Babe (Coda version)

12. Dazed and Confused

13. The Ocean

14. Nobody's Fault But Mine

15. In My Time of Dying

16. Fool in the Rain

17. In the Evening

18. Sick Again

19. Misty Mountain Hop

20. What is And Never Should Be

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My Top Ten

1. Kashmir

2. Nobody's Fault But Mine

3. Whole Lotta Love

4. Trampled Under Foot5. Fool in the Rain

6. Since I've been Loving You

7. Ramble On

8. The Rain Song

9. Rock And Roll

10. Stairway To Heaven

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I had to have TWO Top 10 lists:

1. Immigrant Song

2. Communication Breakdown

3. Stairway to Heaven

4. The Wanton Song

5. Whole Lotta Love

6. Rock and Roll

7. Tangerine

8. Out on the Tiles

9. Black Dog

10. The Rover

1. Custard Pie

2. When the Levee Breaks

3. For Your Life

4. In the Evening

5. Good Times/Bad times

6. Houses of the Holy

7. Heartbreaker

8. Livin' Lovin' Maid

9. Sick Again

10. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp

And keeping it to TWO lists wasn nearly impossible!!!!

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1. Kashmir

2. Going to California

3. When the Levees Break

4. Tangerine

5. Dazed and Confused

6. Since I've Been Loving You

7. Stairway to Heaven

8. Black Dog

9. Whole Lotta Love

10. Immigrant Song

Of course, 7-10 constantly change depending on my mood.

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1. Since I've been loving you

2. The rain song

3. Achilles last stand

4. Stairway to heaven

5. Whole lotta love

6. Kashmir

7. Sick again

8. Rock and roll

9. In my time of dying

10. How many more times

Need more numbers! :unsure:

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This is impossible like everyone already said. All Zep songs are good. These are some of the best at the moment:

1. Stairway to Heaven (self-explanatory)

2. The Rain Song (insanely beautiful and perfect to listen to eyes closed in the night. I'd put this no1 if StH wasn't there)

3. Kashmir (it delivers a mystical atmosphere and takes the listener to a faraway place)

4. Achilles Last Stand (their most complex song and also their most guitar-heavy. All the little parts that are put in sequence or combined create an awesome technical experience. It's extremely fun to cover this song, also :P)

5. Thank You (rain song and this are their most beautiful songs, but in a different way. This one creates more of a feeling of love to certain people as opposed to rain song's overallness)

6. Over the Hills and Far Away (a very relaxing and upbeat song and not too long.)

7. No Quarter (creepy and slow. This also suits listening in the night)

8. When the Levee Breaks (Bonzo is like a god playing the drums and the riffs are so badass. Also I've heard this song has helped many people past hardships in their lives)

9. That's the Way (beautiful, and lyrics are different to most of their songs)

10. In the Light (drives a similar feel to Kashmir, but still very different. When I listen to this song I feel like I'm in a faraway place and no way back home, and by the end of the song there's still some hope.)

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1. Kashmir (Always is and always will be)

2. Going to California (Just soothing)

3. Dazed and Confused (spooky yet sexy in sound)

4. Nobody's Fault But Mine

5. Tangerine (See #2)

6. Stairway to Heaven (Majestic)

7. When the Levees Break (Soulful and moving)

8. Immigrant Song (Just the opening howl alone does it for me)

9. D'Yer Maker (Simply due to the eclectic genres the band was willing to admire)

10. Whole Lotta Love (Just sexy)

(Told'ya my list would change)

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1. Whole Lotta Love

2. Kashmir

3. Good Times Bad Times

4. Hey Hey What Can I do

5. Immigrant Song

6. When the Levee breaks

7. How Many More Times

8. Lemon Song

9. No Quarter (live)

10. Black Dog

honorable mentions; Wanton Song, Heartbreaker, IMTOD (live DVD), The Ocean, I'm gonna crawl

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1. The Rain Song

2. Kashmir

3. Since I've Been Loving You

4. When The Levee Breaks

5. No Quarter

6. Ten Years Gone

7. Communication Breakdown

8. Whole Lotta Love

9. Heartbreaker

10. How Many More Times

Honorable Mentions: Tangerine, Black Dog, In My Time of Dying, Achilles Last Stand, In The Light

I'd say those are my 10 favorites. I had to add the honorable mentions because these songs were debated for the Top 10 too. I felt the need to acknowledge them. :D

I think the top 5 are mostly safe (not always), but after that, 6-10 are fair game to change quite often. I love songs more than others for a while and then usually get into another song more than I used to. It's tough to pick just 10 with Zeppelin. I think this list is good for me though. For the time being. :rolleyes:

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This is a hard list to put in order but I'll try

1. Whole Lotta Love

2. Black Dog

3. Misty Mountian Hop

4. When the Levee Breaks

5. Kashmir

6. Stairway To Heaven

7. Tangerine

8. Out on The Tiles

9. In The Evening

10. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You

Thats my list for now. Oh Hell I love them all.

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Ok here goes....this is really hard

1. Trampled under foot

2. Kashmir

3. That's the way

4. Tangerine

5. How many more times

6. Going to California

7. All My Love

8. Immigrant Song

9. Thank You

10. Fool In The Rain

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I'm surprised so many people put Carouselambra in their top ten. Not that it's a bad song or anything, it's just that I don't think I've ever seen someone put it in their top ten before, so to see several people do it is surprising.

1. Stairway to heaven

2. Ten Years Gone

3. What is and What Should Never Be

4. That's The Way (Live)

5. Going to California

6. Black Dog

7. Misty Mountain Hop

8. Ramble On

9. Heartbreaker

10. The Ocean

I could easily switch out a lot of those songs though, since LZ made so many great songs, as you all well know.

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1. Stairway- When I was fifteen, this was played at my best friend's funeral. And that's all I have to say about that.

2. Whole Lotta Love- Many people say they had their first sexual experience while listening to one song or another; WLL was my first sexual experience.

3. In My Time Of Dying

4. How Many More Times

5. Bring It On Home

6. Ten Years Gone

7. Dazed And Confused

8. Rain Song

9. Poor Tom

10. Since I'be Been Loving You

Holy crap, this was tough!!!

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