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Thanks Nine Lives... and Rover that was great. This forum has people who really love music of all kinds.

You're Welcome DJ....

The Blind Lemmon Jefferson "It's Nobody's Fault But Mine"

"Media" You Tube link I posted doesn't seem to be appearing now.

Here's the You Tube Link to the song:


Oooops.... I had my Firewall setting too High.... I had the "Animated Adds" Blocked, but unblocked that so that You Tube and the Media would work here !

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Lately I have been exploring the artists who recorded for J.D. Miller's label, EXCELLO RECORDS. The most known of them is probably Slim Harpo, he influenced bands like Rolling Stones, Kinks and Yardbirds with hits like I'm A King Bee, Shake Your Hips,

and Rainin' In My Heart.

Other musicians on the label was Lightnin' Slim, Lazy Lester, Tabby Thomas, Lonesome Sundown and Jerry McCain. Most of the stuff is just frickin' awesome and deserves all the attention the blues artists on the Chess label has got through the years. Fortunatly there is a couple of great compilations out there with Excello artists, and some compilations dedicated wholeheartedly to one artist as many of them released many singles.

Besides Slim Harpo, please check these guys out:

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Buddy Guy Live:


Buddy gives a history lesson:

More Buddy Guy Live:

Acoustic Buddy Guy:


I was fortunte enough to see Buddy Guy during his acoustic blues tour a few years ago. He's a treasure, the real thing. There's not many of the legends left.


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Just popped in to say that although I've not been an active poster on this thread, I've been reading and listening with great interest. Some fantastic contributions and a real joy to follow. Keep up the good work everyone :)

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Apologies if this has been posted before...I discovered Lane Hardin on one of the When the Sun Goes Down blues comps by RCA/Bluebird. The song was "California Desert Blues", and it haunted me immediately. Apparently Lane Hardin only recorded one single on Bluebird. I couldn't find California Desert Blues, but here's the other song from the session recorded in Chicago, July 28, 1935..."Hard Time Blues".


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Another one of my all-time favourite blues cats...the great SKIP JAMES! This clip is from the same bar during the '66 Neport Festival that the above Howlin' Wolf clip was filmed...bonus points if you can name all the BLUES GIANTS in the room with Skip.


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Here's an unorthodox pick that may upset the purists. But it's a cover of one of my favourite Elliott Smith songs, "Between the Bars" by Madeleine Peyroux...and it has a bluesy-soulful feel. As usual with Peyroux, you'll either love her voice or be annoyed by her obvious attempt to sound like Billie Holiday. I tend to fall in the former camp. Give it a listen...

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Deborah J previously posted the excellent Elmore James "It Hurts Me Too". I'd like to add a couple equally great versions, both done by the same person.

Karen Dalton, the girl from Enid, Oklahoma, ran with Fred Neill and Bob Dylan and the others in the 1960's Greenwich Village scene in New York. She never reached the level of fame her cohorts did. Even when Dylan mentioned her in his autobiography Chronicles Vol. 1, she still remains unknown for the most part. It has become easier to pick up her albums, though...some with bonus dvd of archival footage.

I am going to post two of her versions of "It Hurts Me Too", both different and the first one is unavailable on any of her recordings. It was done for a French documentary. The second one is from her album "It's So Hard to Tell". There were some good fakers in the Greenwich Village scene. But when you hear Karen Dalton, you hear the voice of a woman who is not just singing these songs...she has LIVED these songs.





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