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Jimmy Page and Les Pauls


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Because Jimmy is beautiful.

That other guy is just creepy- he looks like he's been doing to many inapropriate things with sheep and is starting to grow wool as a result. :lol:

Thats hilarious, i think this guy should walk around 24 hours a day with that les paul so as to take the attention away from his face :lol: if i was single id hang out with this guy so i could be the goodlookin one.

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How come a Les Paul is immediately beautiful in the hands of Jimmy Page?


compared to:


If you'll notice, Jimmy holds it a lot lower. I'm guessing that's a more comfortable position. Just try playing a guitar in a higher position for 2 or more hours. I'm sure that's why he held it in that position. Plus, he knows how to hold a guitar. He looks graceful, yeah?

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