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I'd like to recommend Tom Clark and the High Action Boys. He has a lot of friends. I was hoping "First Girl After You" was on his myspace page, but it's been replaced. Anyway here are a couple of links. Enjoy. If you live in the NYC area, go see Tom. He rarely plays elsewhere.



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Perhaps the greatest blues band, ever!

Jerimiah Marques & The Blue Aces


Played my local blues club in Rochester last year and was blown away, Jerimiah himself is a master showman and an AMAZING blues singer, he sings the Howling Wolf songs and you think that Howling Wolf is in the room! The band also play Jamaican Blues, a kind of reggae/blues hybrid, very interesting indeed. He is also a really nice bloke. The musicians are top notch, harmonica player is jaw droppingly good.

They have one album out but I cant source it anywhere, (shouldve bought it at the gig!) it is criminal that this band is not huge. See them if its the last thing you do!

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