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Ernie Pyle


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I read that this morning..and saw the picture. :( Someone had put a hat in his hands. Put his hands together on top of his stomach...and it looked like he was sleeping....It moved me greatly. yeah..that's the same I saw redrum, I just clicked your link.... :'(

It really brought a lump to my throat and made me feel faint for awhile reading the account of his death.....chilling, stark and just so sad...

I wont post the picture...it's peaceful, yet disturbing..and many may not wish to see it.

I see you chose not to post it either. I think it's best left to the individual to look, if they'd like to....

Tragic...thanks for posting redrum...

Still after all these years.....R.I.P. Ernie....

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Ernie Pyle was definitely one of the most tremendous personalities of World War II, as well as 20th-century journalism. Whether he had a real inkling of his demise or merely thought, like many a seasoned fighting man, that the percentages may catch up eventually. I saw the image the other day, and just as many such images, it was halting. He was one for the books.

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