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Post A Picture Of Yourself!


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Ok, I wasn't so in the mood to show you my face ... but I discovered this picture of me - I guess in 1989 - during my singing era :unsure:

No paintings on my body, only light effects ... it reminds me of Iggy Pop (excuse me for this, Iggy).

Now I'm a little bit older :rolleyes: but still in good shape B)


(no Zep music at all but I'm wearing my Zep belt buckle ... )

WOW!! I like it!! :thumbsup::):thumbsup:

Very nice photo LR!! :cheer::cheer:

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Ev and Angi! :cheer::cheer: <issed you!! So good to see a new pic of you!

:wave: Missed you too! & thanks!

fake boobs don't make hot chicks

neither does a fake tan

being naked doesn't make a hot chick

nor painting your face with makeup...

Bonnie's a hot chick!

She's a hot chick because she doesn't spend thirty hours a week making herself look better than she already does--which is pretty damn good!



Well said Mandy! :cheer:

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