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Post A Picture Of Yourself!

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Me in my super-cool apron!

This is by far the best apron picture I've gotten with me in this stupid thing.

I HAD to show it off. :P

Love you and your apron and I love brownies too.But I am diabetic My doctor said I have too leave pretty girls and Brownies alone.But I could get a Led Zeppelin Apron.

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Maureen, you are quite the beauty. B)

Eviljane, you are pretty too! Sweet bench. :lol: I have lots of family in Akron.

By the way, you look A LOT like Kissandra, do you know her? I haven't seen her online in quite a while...

The beauties are out today! :o:D

Here comes a big bad ugly troll!


Ricky smiles! :cheer::P I like it.

Edited by Matthew!
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That's the best smile I can do. :(

Too much fat on my face won't let me have a better smile.

your smile is very very nice! it's unreal to imagine a better one!

makes me smile too when I look at your pic. =))


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The beauties are out today! :o:D

Here comes a big bad ugly troll!


I love your smile :)

Maureen, wonderful pictures, you are so beautiful

EvilJane, lovely picture I like that bench

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Great pictures everyone!!! I think I must post some photos too:





Oh to be 18 again :rolleyes:

I always felt so sad for the Russian people back during the cold war times.

Who would have thought that within a couple decades we would be trading

photos and stories with people all over the world with the click of a button.

To some of you younger folks it may not seem like much but to us older folk

it is nothing short of mind boggling :blink: Miss Maureen I hope you get to visit the

USA some day and I would like to gaze upon the beauty that is Russia.

Maybe Sir Elton can release a sequal to this.


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blurry pics are tyte.



this is my outfit for mine and my friend's show, The MySpace Factor. Making fun of The Real World/the hills/MySpace. I am Doobie Dimebag the stoner. Episode 1 was a project but we are continuing it as a series.

Verry interesting and maybe just a little wierd.That line came from some old show I watched as a kid.

Cool :D

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