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Post A Picture Of Yourself!


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I heard that you met a geat bloke from Stoke whilst mooching around inside a big tent last year.

Or is this just a rumour? <_<

Oh, that wasn't a rumour... it was a fact. Luckily the tent was that big, I managed to avoid standing on any of his toes this time round. Luckily the toilet facilities were much improved this time round also(so much so, I've heard of no complaints at all).

The bloke from Stoke was in fact such a good egg, that we decided to follow his footie team up a notch too!

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Buenos noches Mercedes :wave:

Here is another pic of Pilot taken in your country at Cartagena


Doing a fine job of keeping that post upright :)

Either that or you are that pissed its actually the post doing a fine job of keeping you upright :D

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Well it has been quite awhile. A pic Angi took of me a few weeks ago, after we chopped off the foot long ponytail:


lol is this a pic of you or a promotional ad for cigarettes?

That reminds me...

... I need a cigarette. BRB.

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Hommage to Tolkien


(with many thanks to Viggo Mortensen for borrowing me some stuff, haha)

:o:o:o Blimey, you look sooooooo much like him! Great pic matey :wave:

Thanks to all of you for your kind words, will post some more pics of Logan once he's a little bigger..... in his Zep tee of course! :D

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Hi Pilot, I'm Danny.

Nice to see ya, to see ya nice.

Why did you get banned in the first place, something you said.?

Or cant you tell us in case they ban you.?

ow do Danny! Greetings from 'up North'... where it's pissing it down right now.

Why did I get banned? 'cos I dared to poke fun at 'he who knows everything' :ph34r:

(don't tell him I posted that, or I'll be out on me ear again)

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