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Post A Picture Of Yourself!

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Nice pic :thumbsup: cool hat, oh and I like the gear to, keep on rockin :D

Love the hat, Looks like you in the mood for :guitar_mood:

Thanks my Led Zeppelin friend's! I've been doing some recording over the last few day's and I got a bit silly with the video camera finding this extra-silly looking look on my face!

And No, I have not started drinking again! :D

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Here is one from 1990 when I dated Bobby Unser. Very nice man.


Let's see... an NFL placekicker, a racecar driver. Any other sports stars we need to know about, Deborah J? Great photo of you with Mr. Unser.

Gentlemen! Start your engines.

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Here's Deborah J in happier times with former NFL running back OJ Simpson:


jabe, thank you.. and I have a few suprises I'll keep to myself :blush:

Start Your Engines...cause I am :run:

Steve, I am ROTFLMAO :hysterical:

Edited by Deborah J
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Oh no, that's not quite right. It is ''Minä rakastan sinua'' and it means ''I love you'' but I bet you already knew that

Lmao. Yea, he told me already. But it's from him, not me! :P

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I agree with you Ally, but then I didn't start this.

OH really?? It kinda seems like you did....

...but once he's up, he's up - know whuddah mean Vern!


You make fun of SOMEONE ELSE's photo, but then when someone does the same to you....

With a mug like that it's no surprise why you spend countless hours here...and I'm your favorite hillbilly :rolleyes: ...bwahahahahahaha!....


You get all butt-hurt about it. You can dish it, but you can't take it??

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