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Post A Picture Of Yourself!


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If this is recent, and by your comments seems to be, great to see you with him :-)

Thanks Deb!

The day after Christmassmile.gif

Here's one of my daughter and I at Christmas. We just had a huge blow out, so, I needed to post something that reminds me of happier times!! The joys of 13!!

Great photo Krissmile.gif Don't worry they will come around, we all went through it when we were youngwink.gif

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Steve, what's with the dup?? The pic looks a little different, pale..

Deborah and Charlie- I know, Andrew is going to be 19 soon...girls are sooooo different!! Louder, moody, more argumentative, I know I'm not helping myself, ahaa. Dare I say smarter as well? Snap!

Anyhoo, great pics everyone! That photo of my daughter and me was taken with her new Olympus SLR something...love it so far.

Have a great weekend.

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