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I went to see Randy Jacksons acoustic show last night. It was an all nighter as we caught up on old times and his family, who he adores.

He had seven, yes 7 standing ovations. He did a 3 hour show and did his own music of Zebra, He did a version of No Quarter and SIBLY to name a few that was amazing. He did The Beatles, Elton John, Moody Blues, George Harrison and a few other. It was great to catch up with him and to hear his music. I tell you this man can hold the high notes and can play a guitar with the best!

You have to see him live to understand. I was seated 4 feet from him and enjoyed every moment!

Here is picture of us:


And a picture of him tuning before the show:


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Great pic Deborah, should say pics but you know what I mean :)

Thanks, I took several pictures as I was so close. It was an awesome event. He did Carousalambra and the house went nuts! He recorded the show as he placed his recorder at my table. He is just a great person and very humble. And of couse we talked about the SAINTS!!

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Hi!! I think I finally have this thing figured out!

Just messing around with the camera (I love my camera wub.gif) I'm not terribly photogenic, but these aren't bad I guess.


Nice pic

At least now I'll recognize ya tongue.gifbiggrin.gif Hope we get to meet up when your in Vancouver beer.gif

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