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Post A Picture Of Yourself!


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I got my hair cut this past Friday. I let it grow really long in order to donate it. I got it cut to a bob because it has been a year since I got it cut and I knew my boyfriend would like it (which he did). :wub: He's the one that took the picture.


Nice pic. More people should do this but they are chicken. Nice to know what everyone looks like that we talk to. I think some are just afraid someone will criticize them? That would be pretty mean. Goof for you for posting!!!!!

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This was not an easy shot to pull off. I had to stand in just the right the area of the room, facing in just the right direction to get just the right amount of light across my face. With the setting of the sun, I probably had only 5 minutes to get it right.


There -- odd that I had to quote it for it come up.

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Just as the video says, a snippet of a song we are working on, pieced together with some video footage of my old home.


Shitty sound quality of a fun gig on a very rainy day. Since I hadn't slept for 48 hours before the concert, the only thing that kept me goin' were caffeine pills.

Somehow in the aftermath of the experience I even managed to break my nose.

ëLizardbeast are:

Lambert-guitar (the dark haired one)

Mick-guitar (the blonde one)





special guest, Cynthia-vocals

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