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Here is my souvenir from Singapore174411_1662575666_265153_n.jpg

It is located on my upper back area, near my right shoulder and the shop I went to has the best name: Visual Orgasm.

The tiger symbolizes my older son and the snake symbolizes my younger son.

I sometimes think tattoos are overdone...when the secretary at the local bank is getting tatted up, how rebellious can they be?...but when done right, and with a good inker, tattoos can still be a work of art.

THIS is one example of a excellent tattoo, and obviously a lot of thought was put into the creation and execution of the image. In other words it's not just another "tribal" arm band tattoo or a tramp-stamp.

And as a snake-lover(having had several snakes as pets over the years), I like the snake wrapped around the tiger.

Good job Miss Melanie.

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