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Post A Picture Of Yourself!


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If I were you I would ask a collector like Steve A Jones. He's a contributor here.

EDIT - I just checked the timeline and there isn't a gig listed for this date so either this could be VERY interesting or a mistake?

I've just realised - is this the date that has been much discussed and never actually proven?

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My Uncle Dick Kanellis left me this 1970, April 19th Led Zeppelin original handbill which he promoted. Is it worth anything?


Robert was sick the previous show in Phoenix and this Las Vegas 1970 date was cancelled.

(Knebby - the much discussed LV date is one from August 1969.)

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Even with the picture being blurry, you are a beautiful young lady! Glad you posted that! :)

All right, I'm going to be brave and post my pic. I took it with my phone, so the quality is crap, but here goes nothing.


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Well, you all need to get yourselves to Nik Turner's Space Ritual extravaganza when it hits your town. They do the whole shebang. Outrageous!

Very interesting. That sounds like a recipe for a great evening!

Me and my sister in-law somewhere in Greece this past July...for the life of me I cannot remember which island we were on that day!!!


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