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these ones, patrycja  :)

I see, well slightly more so than the wedding set (but for the dresses), I think, but we've already established my 'sharp' eye tonight so perhaps others may feel differently. People talk about closure but I've found that a too-convenient go-to term for loss which tends to shape-shift over time and reappear in different ways and at seemingly random moments outside of the big thresholds like various anniversaries. One constant is that you are each a part of the other still, so it's no wonder you see your Mom's face in your own. Thanks for sharing with us, J :console:

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I have missed a lot on this thread! Great photos of ebk, Rick with your wife. Nice to get a chance to see one another from the forum:-)

SummerOf MySmiles, great photo:-)

Dd- adorable of you and your brother and Mom:-)

STZ- I think you have your Mom's eyes. Great photos. I have one that I should eventually post of my Mom at about 20 and me at that age. Thanks for sharing the photos:-)


Sean - Thanks as well for sharing my friend:-)


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WOW!! Julie, you are such a pretty lady! :friends: Like the old saying goes, "it runs in the family" :D If your mom could see you now, she will be proud! *HUGS hug.gif

Thank you, Kiwi ♥ It is a very old photo.... I was only 21, and am 53 now .....


and I love your photos, too Strider! :)

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