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The henna art is absolutely beautiful! Did you design that? I've wanted to do it, but I have no faith in my skills.

Thank you, henna tattoo can be done by anyone who can draw a design with pencil and paper. It's more simple than it seems. I didn't design that though, my cousin Noor did.

Seems the ladies are quite enamoured with the handsome Mr. Bonham.....should add for some playful flirting in the threads! B)

Yes yes, I concur :P

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And henna

That's beautiful! Here's mine. It's...sad. My best friend told me she'd never put henna on anyone, so I, stupidly, volunteered. And as you can see from the results, she should have kept her "talents" hidden. I had to hide my face in shame!


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I feel like I'm stalking you and commenting on your posts! :lol:

(but I guess I'm unintentionally stalking, eh?) :D

I will give you 100 more posts to stalk me with before I complain to to the mods :D

Welcome to Unintentional Stalkers Inc.

I am the Chair of the board.

Remember its good to stalk :lol:

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