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Post A Picture Of Yourself!

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Joel Joel Joel

:D I thought you liked silliness :lol:

To get back on topic, this is a pic of my alter ego


Hey, she's a part of me, right? :P

You're right ! I do like silliness....and so...I remarked about it...:whistling:

Sorry if it sounded derogatory....:rolleyes:

Love your alter ego....:D

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Sorry to have to put it to you, Rich... but you look more Jamie Cullum-esque. :P:lol:

Oh, and if you've booked flights already, then I'll just spend this money on booze instead of tickets. :(

I will give you that one Ash. :thumbsup: It is kinda Jamie Cullum-esque. Damn that Cullum for copying my style. :lol: That is an old picture by the way....of me at a party, getting hit on. :P

Is this the flirting thread?

Apparently so...how are you? *bats eyelids* :lol:

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Can anyone tell me how I can post a pic on this forum :rolleyes: I know this has proberly been asked many times before but it would be sweet if someone could show us how its done so i can post my pic :) .

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