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Post A Picture Of Yourself!


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Classic....Ev couldn't tell :hysterical:

Hey everyone I am not one to lie or deceive. I just thought since some of you women have done the ole photoshop pics of ya'll with Robert Plant etc. I would have some fun and do one. But all I did was take a pic of Jimmy and Robert-circa 1982 and a pic from 1997 of me and a buddy at my 10th High School reunion and edited them together- only using the paint function- no photoshop. :rolleyes:

I would really like to meet Jimmy in person. I was fortunate to meet John Paul Jones in 2000 in Houston, TX on his Zooma solo tour and was front row and got a pick he used and his autograph on my ticket stub. Unfortunately I didn't get any pics of us taken together. <_<

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Hey, bite me okay! I wasn't even looking that closely! Hell, upon closer inspection I've even cropped and posted the same Jimmy pic myself! :hysterical:

You suck! :P


You say that like it's a bad thing--it just keep the a-holes away (except for today). :D

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My old avi from the old board. It exceeds the max file size for avis here, but I thought I'd toast you all. :beer:


Cheers, Ev! :beer:

I used to visit the old board, but never got around to signing up - then one day it was gone! However, the one thing I remember vividly from the old board is your avi! It's definitely the coolest one around, shame you can't use it here!

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Thanks I pretty much get it, Ill give it a try and hopefully have a pic posted here shortly :) thanks for your help.

And an alternative I like is My Space. I know cheap white american my space trash, dont get me started. Anyways, you can have a little blog or whatever store pics there too. This way you will kills a few birds if your up to collecting new friends :) Just upload the pics into MySpace....highlight, copy, paste, save in note pad somewhere so you dont lose it, nice to keep a note open in toolbar for this,,,,


How to in seconds




Think CTRL/C and CTRL/V try it.

You will find the copy paste functions in Edit in the upper LEFT of your PC. IF YOU HAVE THE MENU BAR ON.

Alternately you can R Click on mouse to find it...ir like I said the fastest finger saver is CTRL/C and CTRL/V

Your on your way, enjoy.

Shad :unsure: w

edited for clarifications...

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