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Post A Picture Of Yourself!


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BB, don't listen to her, she DOES always have her head in a textbook. Or writing a paper or making me look bad... cuz I'm a bum... :P

SSSSHHHHHHH!!!! Don't be telling all my secrets! Seriously, though. The only book I touch right now is PChem, really. And at this moment my paper writing is going absolutely nowhere. I'm the bum!


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i found some pics of me and my best friend drew while we were in Utah skiing over our Christmas Break from school.


the screening room for the Sundance Film Festival


another pic from Sundance


at the ski jump for the 2003 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics site (bobsled track cant be seen...well, maybe...)

these ones are from Deer Valley Ski Resort.


this is a run called Tycoon, that goes straight down. you can see me, drew and his bro.


and easy run called Homeward Bound which take you to the bottom of the mountain.

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Thanks guys! :wave:

It's so great to see you guys again! It felt kinda empty without you!


It was so great to "see" you Ev and Angi! I thought that was your new house too and I went :o The kitchen's as big as my whole apartment :lol:

:lol: We're only in an apartment too. The kitchen is nice (for an apartment), but nowhere near they're nice kitchen.

Hey y'all it's ME rachie... for those of you who know me... "I LOVE YA!!!"

Hi Rachie!!! :cheer::wave:


Me and my puppy, Sammy--look at that cutie foot!!

Wow, great pic of you Kissy! :thumbsup:

(Argh, I had to remove smilies! :'( )

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I don't like that one of me I posted before, except for the Zep shirt. Maybe I look marginally less stupid in this one.


Or not.

You know there was a pushy woman following me around Bristol earlier this year who is the spitting image of you Helen :blink::D

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