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Post A Picture Of Yourself!


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Me in 1970 notice the bellbottoms and the heels on those shoes


Recent picture with Charlie Daniels on his bus.


Recent picture Feb 08


Al, is that the Charlie Daniels of The Devil Went Down To Georgia fame?

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Hello :wave: nice 'Peace Sign' hanging on your wall :)

Hey! thanks, I made it.

Hey Minelle!!! Its you! Cool. Is that the first picture you have posted of yourself on here? :thumbsup:


Hello, Richard!...No ofcourse not,I've posted a few pictures before this too! :)

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Also herd that an old lady with name von Zeppelin did not like that Led Zeppelin used here name... haha

Mrs von Zeppelin, upset about the use of her family name, threatened legal action against the band when she heard they were coming to Denmark and called them a bunch of "shrieking monkeys". The band were able to charm her out of it, until she saw a copy of the first album's cover (the Hindenburg). She resumed her threats of litigation, forcing the band to play the Copenhagen show billed as "The Nobs".

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That's me last night dancing to Jefferson Airplane

"One Pill makes makes you smaller and one pill makes you tall, but the ones that mother gives you don't do anything at all" :hippy:

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