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Post A Picture Of Yourself!


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Ashley told me to post this he said i look magnificent, I think I look like 17 year old

interesting photo


That is, without a doubt, one of the coolest photos I've ever seen. And I agree with Ashley completely. You do look magnificent.

It's a great photo.

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Found this and scanned it today. What a classic!


From left to right: Me, my father, my mother, my brother Daniel, my step-grandad's daughter, and a random guy.

Edited by Bonham
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Great pictures everyone!

Noora, you look wonderful, as always! I love your hair, your eyes, and your skin! :D

Bouncing Ship, good to see you!

Katydidgood, you have beautiful grandchild! You're not so bad either! ;)

Matt, I love those pictures!

Bonham, great pictures too!


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Me after a long ass day of Crimson music. x_x

Listening to Red, btw. :P

I wish I could get a picture of myself without me looking fat. :(

I gotta worry about the trolls who like to pick shit at people because they are bored with their own lives.

Ah, well. They can blow it out their ass. This fat guy has gone on several 10 mile walks in the past month, so yeah, eat shit (those who are looking forward to pick shit with the chicken)

This has been a message from your friendly neighborhood whatever he is.

Thank you.

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