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zeppelin drawings


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It's not perfect though. There are obvious mistakes in it.

Our dear Katushka is at the same time immensely self-critical and immensely talented!

Go ahead Kat, pick at the details while the rest of us take in your amazing work! ;)

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Well, finally I decided to participate in this thread with a little drawing I've been working on for a few days now, actually I've done it mostly before going to bed. Some people like to read in bed, I like to draw (got a terrible backache tho... :( )

They're Robert Plant and Jimmy Page but I'm not done with this drawing yet, I'm planning on adding digital colour later, don't know if I should keep the pencil lines or line it again with a ball pen. Well, I hope you like it 'cause gonna keep drawing lots of R. Plant fanarts :wub:

(Yes it's manga, I can't help it, I'm a huge manga/anime fan and it's all I can draw :cheer: )

I apologise for the nasty watermarks since it's not signed yet 'cause it's unfinished. Sorry about that.

Here's the first WIP:


Here's the second WIP:


Yayyyy!!! Jimmy looks better with hair!! :lol: hehehe

This is the reference pic:


Robert's hair was a lot of fun to do but I think I totally failed trying to draw Jimmy's hair.

My boyfriend said they looked soooo gay, but I told him it was just 'cause I drew them so big I had to get them close so they could fit in my sketch book!! :lol:

I'd love know what you think!! Thanks and keep sharing with all of us!!!

:hippy: byes!!

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