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zeppelin drawings

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Delinha, your work on these and other pieces is beautiful : could you please share with us what techniques and media you use to create these amazing images ?

I'm not a very informed judge but it looks perhaps like a little bit of digital help with a lot of artistic imagination/talent added in .. but please correct me !

Do you also have other subjects for your art ? And is this something you do professionally ?

Really appreciate seeing your impressive work.

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truth and beauty,

I appreciate your words. It's a joy to share the technique I use to make these images. These are digital paintings and I use the program ArtRage Starter Edition, you know or have heard?

I don't do these images professionally, I'm just an apprentice art. I like to paint on other topics too.

In the link below I present a picture that I call DREAM is a job I did for college is a reinterpretation of the work of Brazilian artist Tarsila do Amaral (Abaporu).



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Ok this one is finished now. If you look in the top right you can find Bonham's symbol hidden. This is not a splatter painting but a cracked gesso techique and a fill in after. Very time consuming. It's the same Techique I used for the Jimmy piece on the page before. This piece I have titled,

"When The Levee BROKE!"


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