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zeppelin drawings

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Well.. I didn't get around to taking better pics yet.. these are a little dark too:/ Hopefully I'll be able to take some quality pictures soon. I started to work on his shirt a bit today..





All I can say is WOW! These are really amazing!!

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OK just like i said i have done 3 drawrings and are gonna be posted, just have 2 wait for my computer to find the camara, it is not the best lighting conditions, and like i said before they are not the best master pieces, but this is the type of artwork i do and in actuall fact is the sainest pieces of work i have done yet.

And i usualy do all my work on canvas but have run out of them and have no money in the bank,coz i keep spending it on records :D.

Anyway just wait for my computer to find it.....................

Ok it's found it now what do i do?

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^^I can't wait to see them :) So the pictures are on your computer now? You know where the files are located? If so, now you'll just need to upload them to an image hosting site. I usually use Photobucket (http://photobucket.com/), but if you don't have an account there, you can use Imageshack without registering, although you won't be able to return to your pictures in an album later on, if you don't register:


(You click on the browse button, and then click on your picture file in the window that pops up, and then click the 'host it' button)-If you didn't already know that:) If you need anymore help, just let me know :)

**I just re-read your post.. so your computer has detected your camera? Do you need help getting the pictures onto your computer?

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^^Haha, I think I have a picture picked out.. from the 70s :) I'll post pics in here when I start to work on it.. but I have to finish this Robert one first!

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I dont want to single-out any 1 because they are ALL so awesome! Many talented artists here, I see. Thank you all you sharing your work. :)

Well said & I totally agree 100%!!

Please everyone keep posting your pictures because they are great!!

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Peer Solero and Sugarplum, you are 2 VERY talented people, your drawings are awesome!!! If I could draw like that, I would have drawings and paintings of our fab four all over my house!!!

Keep them coming!!!!

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