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Page plays a Black Danelectro 3021, not a 59DC...


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Page plays a Black Danelectro 3021, not a 59DC -

Even though they look very similar, the 59DC refers to the reissue, whereas, the 3021 was the original issue by Danelectro in the 1950's and early 1960's. There is also a silver sticker right above the nut on an original 50's/60's Danelectro 3021 - you can see this on JP's Danelectro in the early days with the original silver sticker in the Royal Albert Hall footage...

But the heart of the matter is:

Danelectro 3021 with original lipstick pickups

sound much better than

Danelectro Reissue DC59 with Reissue Lipsticks

I own both and there is a HUGE difference......

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Page's Danelectro was a Frankenstein of 2 guitars I believe. Which bits go where, I'm not sure.

You are correct-

the Dano he currently has is the hybrid of two 3021's

his original had the fiberboard masonite body finally crumble in his hands after years of sweat and use.... So, he found another era-correct Model 3021 and replaced the brazilian mahogany neck from his original....

Also, you will notice that he has had a non original bridge replacement so he could intonate the individual strings much more effectively

It was interesting to see him set it aside for his new Blonde Gibson ES-350 at the O2 show.....

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Yes, he fitted it with a Leo Quan bridge. You can see he has the original wooden bridge in early photos, and an adjustable bridge in later photos. The 59DC I own has an adjustable bridge and nice Gotoh tuners. I don't know if it was modified. I just know it has "that sound". Middle pickup setting is White Summer/Kashmir heaven!

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