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Don't ever do that again :D



Gov't Mule-Live.....With A Little Help From My Friends

Led Zeppelin-3 disc remasters w/interview disc

The Band-Last Waltz

Ozzy-Prince of Darkness

The Who- 30 Years of Max R&B

Beatles- Anthology dvd

Tool-Salival dvd

Live 8 dvd

Nirvana-With the Lights Out

Pearl Jam-Live at the Gorge

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I totally forgot about this one. I have that and Free's "Songs Of Yesterday" box set. I want to sell the Nirvana one though, I never even listened to it. I didn't like what I did listen to.

Interesting!! I remember reading several reviews of the Nirvana box when it came out and they all panned it.

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Don't ever do that again :D

How's that? I realize remastered editions of all the albums are on the way but it's unclear at this point if they'll be in digital format only. Not to mention the box I have is a limited edition. I also got it onsale when the Turtles Music chain went out of business a few years ago. In fact, I racked up on lots of stuff since prices were lowered each day leading up to when they closed their doors (a date they wouldn't reveal).

I'd also like to pick up this companion piece, a limited edition box of EPs but I've never seen it on sale for less than $100:


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I have 3:

Message in a Box: The Complete Recordings (The Police);

Crosby, Stills & Nash [bOX SET]

Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads (Jimmy Buffett)

I absolutely love the CSN set; I've had it at least 10-15 years

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I am not too fond of box sets honestly. In fact, I don't own a single box set.

A friend of mine once said : "if you like a band and own all your favourite albums from their catalogue, you won't need box sets. Box sets are just full of recycled stuff". I actually agree with that point of view to a certain extent.

If you take a band like Queen for example, I have all their albums from the year 1973 to 1980 and a few from the mid-1980s. I am content with that. Now, in 1998, Queen released a "limited edition" box set which consisted of their 1st 8 studio albums. This box set was called "The Crown Jewels". I guess for a fan who doesn't own most of the albums in the Queen catalogue (considering the fact that quite a few of their albums from the early 70's are exceptionally hard to find, these days), this box set would have been the chance of a lifetime! But, I couldn't have cared less.

The only box set which I might actually consider purchasing some day is this B) :


But at the moment, I have the original 1972 release (consisting of one CD with 27 gorgeous tracks) which I just purchased a couple of weeks ago and quite frankly, I'm one happy camper! :lol:

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Outside of Zep boots supprizngly few, I spose because I'm a bit of a cheapskate and there not normally reduced...

Clapton - Live in the 70's - Picked up cheap second hand at ameba on holiday in SF, still has the "smell". ;)

The Band - The Last Waltz 4cd - Bought new for £5, probabley msipriced by the shop.

Ride - 3 CD set - Again picked up cheap, not listened to much.

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As I posted earlier in the thread, I own several box sets. I would never buy them if it was all stuff I already owned, at least on CD. In most (but by no means all) cases box sets are full of previously unreleased material. Rhino Records (who released the Nuggets box sets) do a very excellent job of compiling the boxes they release. That's not just from the compiling aspect itself but also the amount of work they put into the packaging of them.

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What an idiot !

Often times a boxset, at least a really good one, will have alternate takes-outtakes-live versions or unreleased music. You're friend doesn't have much experience in deep boxsets at all and neither do you by your agreement. To a certain extent at least !

Live and learn.

Who the heck are you? My views on box sets differ from yours. So what? Apparently, you like them and I don't.

FYI, it is not nice to go around calling people idiots. I can very well call you a moron and pretty much tell you to fuck off right now, but, I am going to refrain from doing so because being rude to people (just because their views differ from mine), isn't my posting style and besides, I'll be descending to your level.

You say that I can learn something from you? Cool. Thinking about it, you can learn something from me too.

First, try being nice to people on this board, without calling them things like "idiots" and then perhaps, I might actually respect you and listen to your point of view. And judging by your posts, after reading my reply to you, I'm sure you'll want to retaliate and call me something even nastier. Go right ahead. I ain't stopping you. I guess you derieve vicarious pleasure in calling people names. But, I won't be here to reply to you and retaliate back, because that's just not me. I don't want to waste my precious time re-replying to someone like you and possibly get into a fight, because you are really not worth it, quite frankly. See ya.

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I don't own many CD boxsets. The only two I have are the Led Zeppelin Remasters boxsets. I remember that the first Remasters boxset was my first Zeppelin purchase aged 15. I saved up for months to buy it, and I still treasure it today. :) In general, I prefer to buy individual albums.

DVD boxsets, though, are another matter entirely. I have a serious addiction. :blush:

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I noticed the Grateful Dead have issued their Europe '72 tour in its' entirety. This has to be a Deadhead's dream......... The original Europe '72 triple LP back in the day was one of their best. The orginal limited run of this box has already sold out. A music only box without the memorabilia and other box stuff is on the way.

If you're got 450.00 burning a hole in your pocket this is more than worthy.


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