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Anyone gonna vote for "Stairway & Whole Lotta Love"?


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still watching the "best of" votes on Votenumber1

Plant has really moved up for best rock singer and Page is in 3rd?

Stairway to heaven and Whole lotta love nominated for best 5 rock songs of all-time

hope everyone is going to vote

Vote, vote, vote!

No, not STH or WLL. However, Achilles Last Stand or Kashmir - definately!!

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Fact : nearly 40 years universally the people made the choice to call in to their radio stations to vote "Stairway to Heaven" as #1 song. This was long before the tv show American idol.It is not likely there will ever be another song in History of Rock or popular music to endure that long as a #1 request by the listeners themselfves.These polls are silly as truth and fact are what they are .

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