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Grateful Dead


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I tried to keep up reading about the recent shows online, interesting stuff. Like garcias daughter was commenting that trey anastasio was holding back out of respect for the band and jerry and she wished he just went for it and was himself. As the shows went on, apparently he did and the band loved it...and kept up and it became something else, so cool to read about.

Cnn had the footage of the rainbow over the stadium in california. Then i went online to read about it and there was thoughts on it being a fabricated silicon valley rainbow. A rainbow controversy...haha, last i read it was real though.

Also read an interview with robert hunter, lyricist, where he thought he and jerry garcia were just getting started with, days between, song. How he felt that cocaine was a huge factor in the 70s on how it affected the dynamic of the band and hindered communication.

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