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Led Zeppelin Tour


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Hi brothers...


It´s John here.

28 yrs old. Pretty much into 60´s psychedelic scene.

A hippy at heart.

Well... this is a pretty simple post. I am posting to :

Incentivate the Band to go on tour and,

if you guys think it´s cool,

do post some replies about this, any news you guys have ,

more incentive, comments,

or stuff like that.

It would be really cool to have Led Zeppelin playing here in Lisbon.

Some quality psychedelia from

Masters of Sound like Led Zeppelin would be ... quite Divine.


Already went to The Who´s concert last year... Pretty much like the 60´s I tell you.

So, Led fans. Take the Led out and remember...

"Good times, bad times"

we all had our share... =)

Shine On Peace Children.

Peace , Love,

João F.

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I am getting so sick of this...

I'm so sorry, I'm sure you mean well...but it's so over talked and really...just- let's all stop.

will they? won't they?

I think THEY KNOW we want them to tour...20 million sing ups and web site crashing is a very obvious statement.

so let's just wait and see...a wise man said once that patience is a virtue.

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I founs this thread. Every forum has a reunion tour thread already.(what a surprize). So I have not posted a new topic tonight-just to let everyone know when they get sick of seeing my name on every forum. But I want everyone to be aware of what Robert Plant said on the special tonight with Allison. he saiid 'everyone wants a second coming and we're ready". Now I find those words to be a bit big for it to mean him and Allison. Perhaps that is what he truly meant, but it is more logical to interpret it as a hint of a full blown Zeppelin reunion. See for yourselves. Watch the interview. Need only see the end. But they did talk much of Zepp and even played a crazy version of Black Dog. Cant say it was effective-sorry. But his revelation at the end should be heard around the world!

could you post a link, please?

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