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1970 Interview with Peter Grant

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Cole was a tough guy. :whistling:


In everything printed about him...yes! Very tough dude indeed - I'll give him that.

One of the few REAL Bad-asses in music that's for sure.

In retrospect, he was a decent Tour Manager. He organized things very well, considering the scope of a Zeppelin Tour. He looked after the band and tidyed up after them. He knew the music business and would not let anyone take advantage of him nor the band.

IMO, the intro of hardcore drugs into the core of the band took its toll on everyone., including Cole and Peter. The Zeppelin experience started with such innocence and joy, and it ended with incredible bitterness and sorrow.

No one got out unscathed.

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Did you click the link I posted, nirvana?

Yes, I did Otto...thanks, very interesting! Cole was the real deal alright. I've met some Hell's Angels and I wouldn't even imagine messing with them!

Right or wrong - Cole was a guy that you'd want on your side in a pub brawl!

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Good article,

Although from all accounts that I have previously read of him, people always said he was a nice guy, except if you fucked him around or ripped him off.

I think that's the thing, Peter was such an honest and straightforward guy in an industry where most people weren't, and I think that's why he's got the reputation of being mean or nasty because he got stuck into an awful lot of these people. These were the types who were all nice and civilised "Hello old chap" shaking your hand, while the their other hand was deep in your pocket pinching every penny.

The rip-off of musical artists back in those days by the management and back room people was phenominal. It was a way of life. And as Peter challenged all that, that's why he got the nasty reputation because all these people were like boo-hooing because they weren't allowed to pocket the money from merch sales.

I mean, God, look at Apple. A lot of the people working for the Beatles at Apple were going to town! Staff stole tv sets, furniture, speaker cones, even the lead off the roof of the building was stolen! Somebody bought a car and charged it to the company, other staff were charging their rents and grocery bills to the company. Pete Shotton and Neil Aspinals' American hookers were 'allegedly' paid for by the company. Even Ken Kessey 'allegedly' stole a tape recorder. So then Allen Klein comes in and boots them all up the arse and gets a nasty reputation (although in his case half of it was justified, because he was a bit of a snakey prick).

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