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NEWSFLASHBACK: The Advertiser Feb 19 1972

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'Led Zeppelin Show Off Until Tonight'

The Advertiser, Saturday, 19 February 1972, p.3.

A buckled stage and damp amplifying equipment forced last night the postponement of the UK rock group Led Zeppelin's appearance at Memorial Drive until tonight.

The promoter said rain yesterday had caused the stage to buckle and water had posed a hazard to the groups using its electrical equipment. The Led Zeppelin had brought to Adelaide about 11 800lb of stage equipment to produce what was expected to be the loudest rock sounds heard here. 5AD, which was co-sponserong the show with Channel 7, had continually broadcast the postponement and only about 200 of 7000 people who had booked for the show arrived at Memorial Drive. The postponement until 8:15 tonight means that Led Zeppelin will appear on the same night as the second Adelaide concert of the US rock trio Creedence Clearwater Revival. In Burra rain continues to hamper the re-construction of an old chimney being moved from the Samin mines to a site near the main road.

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The audience recording bears that out. It WAS MASSIVELY LOUD. It BLISTERS !!!!!!!

And a great performance too ! I just wish it'd been more complete without the little cuts throughout.....

One of my favorites from '72. Thanks for posting.

See my Zeppelin Mysteries thread in the Main Forum for a fascinating in-depth feature on how several of the Australian audience tapes were discovered.

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