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Young Jimmy

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...Thanks all each and every one of you for such beautiful photos in this thread, your time and effort is truly appreciated and enjoyed immensely!!

MissM and FOpal, in a word, His beauty is simply Out-Of-This-Universe, absolutely stunning Creation of the Creator (with lots of time on his hands and undivided attention!!)

...yes, all the Yardbirds looking so stylish and fashionable perfect Englishmen, as expected!! ;) ;)

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Original Source Link:


...I wanted to post this correct link...

"Seeing this band in person made a big impression on me as a 13 year old guitarist.

I had seen Jeff Beck play one-handed guitar on "Shindig", bought their records and

learned "Mr. You're a Better Man Than I". "Shapes of Things" was on the radio

that summer and I couldn't get enough of it, especially the guitar solo.

They had a new bass player named Jimmy Page, pictured above standing in the

Dayton's rooftop parking ramp. Photos courtesy of John Morris."



I love this photo of Jimmy, taking a break!!, as if he is "allowed to" ;) ;)


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Thanks. :D

Yep, I used photoshop, it took maybe 20 minutes. I used the clone stamp and patch tool to get rid of most of the damage, removed all the yellow color, and added a sepia tone to the last one. I find fixing old damaged pictures kinda fun.

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^ It was taken while he was in Carter Lewis and the Southerners. I think it might have been at one of their shows. I heard the backstory on this photo, but can't quite recall it.

Wasn't it at the Marquee Club?

Yes. It is from the biography on Nicky Hopkins who is on piano.

Thank you guys for all this info!! :yourock:

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