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does anyone have this show? 1977.07.24 Oakland, California


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I would like a soundboard or audience recording of this show?

does anyone have it? or can i get some information on it?

if so, please let me know.


I believe i do .I attended the show but i have a lot of shows and i am getting old.Brain does not retain info like it used to wait i did a whole lot of drugs in the 70' s so maybe it never did retain anything anyhow i will look when i get home in about two weeks if you have not got it by then email me at alwizard2004@yahoo.com.

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A bit off-topic.

As most of you folks know Led Zeppelin played two Oakland concerts

on the 23d and 24th of July 1977 and these shows were part of the

"Day On The Green" concert series which were presented by Bill Graham.

Two years after Led Zep played in Oakland there was another "Day on the Green" concert. And there were lots of good bands and performers like Ted Nugent, Aerosmith, AC/DC and much more. But what I am trying to tell you is that Aerosmith's perfomance has been filmed in color. And it has surfaced about a year or two ago right from Bill Graham's vault.

Aerosmith played the same stage (as LZ) on the 21st of July 1979 and it was daylight show also.

So when you are watching Aerosmith playing you can imagine how cool it was when Led Zeppelin were playing.

I suggest you watching this tape. Especially if you have listened to the Zep's audio bootleg from Oakland.

PS. Nobody new of existence of Aerosmith's tape up until 2006-2007. So... may be we've got a hope?

Check out the pictures:

Led Zeppelin. July 23-24, 1977



Aerosmith. July 21, 1979




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