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Jimmy versus Jimi


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I think a good portion of First Rays is Jimi's most inspired and focused work. Electric Ladyland was very sprawling, Axis focused more on the songs than on the guitar playing. But the songs on First Rays (especially Freedom, Izabella, Angel, Dolly Dagger, Ezy Rider, and Hey Baby). It reminded me a lot of Are You Experienced in that it was a great combination of songs and guitar playing. You can tell on a couple of tracks that it was unfinished. I know Hendrix intended on making a double album, but I would've told him that if he would've shortened it to 11 songs, it would've been his greatest release ever. I would've cut it to these tracks:

1. Freedom

2. Izabella

3. Night Bird Flying

4. Angel

5. Room Full Of Mirrors

6. Dolly Dagger

7. Ezy Rider

8. Stepping Stone

9. Straight Ahead

10. Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)

11. In From The Storm

I will add....

Earth Blues

Astro man

Drifting.......... To make it 14.

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That show was not hendrix at his best it was one of his last concerts and you could tell he was worn by all the exploitation. Take a look at alot of his other shows not only did he sing at the same time but he played like a blues madman if anything i say they both protrayed music as beautiflully as they could and thats good enough to me to rank them in skill is silly because skill can be the result of many things like effort or technique. Everyone plays differently and they were both greatly innovative , i guess i should lay it this way what jimmy did for bow guitar and the heavier side of the blues Jimi did for the sonic sound, both leaving behind a unique approach to the guitar.

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