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MILLENNIUM Stadium bosses are making an audacious bid to bring rock gods Led Zeppelin


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Millennium Stadium in talks with Zeppelin

Feb 17 2008 by James McCarthy, Wales On Sunday

MILLENNIUM Stadium bosses are making an audacious bid to bring rock gods Led Zeppelin to Wales.

They are in talks with promoter Harvey Goldsmith amid rumours that the supergroup are planning a world tour in October.

The internet has been hot with gossip about further gigs for the band since they reformed for their O2 Arena gig in December.

Now the WRU want Cardiff to echo with the strains of Stairway to Heaven instead of Bread of Heaven.

And with no Communication Breakdown with the band so far, things are looking good.

WRU spokesman John Williams said: “They are represented by Harvey Goldsmith, who is bringing Bruce Springsteen to the stadium.

“We are talking to Harvey about what else he could possibly bring and Led Zeppelin has come up in conversation.

“There is no deal but we are asking and he is listening. We are at an early stage.”

Possible dates have not been discussed with the group, who have long been associated with Wales, recording much of their third album at the remote Bron-Yr-Aur cottage near Aberystwyth.

Mr Williams added: “It’d be great, I think everyone’s a fan.”

WRU chief executive Roger Lewis, the former worldwide president of Decca records, has already said he would love to bring Zepp to the capital.

He told Wales on Sunday the WRU could “guarantee a perfect event for 70,000 people”.

An online petition, begging the band to tour the globe again, had yesterday been signed by 11,751 fans.

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