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What is this...THING? A question for Ev, perhaps?


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img1154mm3.th.jpg img1155sw9.th.jpg

I was originally going to PM Ev about this, but I figured I'd let everyone have a look. :D

My band had a show Friday night, and we played with a band called Koto's Sighting. They're simply amazing, and I really hope they can make something of their music.

Anywho, the guitarist brings out this guitar, and I can only see the back because he's tuning up, but the thing is BEAUTIFUL. And I can only see the back. Then he turns it around and I'm in awe. So naturally, I was very interested in this guitar - the wood grain just kills me, though the pictures don't do it justice. Sounded great too.

I want to know the specs on it and everything, can anyone identify it? I know it's a Gibson, also notice the black/red knobs, pickups, headstock, and red skull inlay on the 5th fret. I talked to him after the show and he let me play it a bit, felt amazing. I had never held a Gibson before. He said he got it 4-5 years ago; they came out with a goth model and now it's out of production. Any guitar experts able to give me a hand? :D

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Hey, thanks for the identification guys! Mucho appreciated, 'tis a beauty.

this bands pretty good.

Hella yeah! If you want, their EP is only $5 plus shipping, great stuff. Message them if you want. It only consists of the 6 songs on their page (:P), but the quality's better and I'm sure they'd love the support! My band's going up to Fairbanks with them in the near future, it's sure to be a great time. :)

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