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Jayhawks Principals Ready New Album


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From Billboard:


Mark Olson and Gary Louris

Wes Orshoski, N.Y.

While the Jayhawks may me be no more, the lauded Americana band's formerly estranged principals Gary Louris and Mark Olson have finished a new album together, their first since the 1995 Jayhawks classic "Tomorrow the Green Grass."

Titled "Ready for the Flood," the album was produced by Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson, who also helmed Louris' new solo debut, "Vagabonds," released earlier this week on Ryko.

You can read the rest of the article at this link:


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Why on earth do you keep cutting and pasting articles about bands few of us have any interest in? Yeah, I'm sure an extremely small percentage of people here enjoy it, but lately you are really over doing it. I'd rather hear a stupid question regarding something that could be googled or researched on allmusic.com

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Perhaps he's trying to expose others to music they may have not been exposed to otherwise? I don't see the problem with this at all... You don't have to read the articles.

But then again, this board isn't exactly a very open-minded one. Most people here think that there's been no new music since 1975.

True, but I (or anybody else) could come up with oodles of obscure, little known or cult bands. It's just a bit much after a while. All he is doing is mindless cutting and pasting.

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