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Gah. I want to drink something---shall it be beer or wine?


Well, on high school, we had a so-called Summer Sport Course which took place in May or june, not sure. Well, the students were allowed to drink occassionally (lots of us were already 18 at the time) but they had a limit of one glass per person, so they invented a thing called Beerwine (rough translation) which was literally a mixture of beer and wine. Don't know how it tasted since I wasn't allowed to go on that course (had a dispute with our sports professor at the winter sport course) but if you want, you can try it ;)

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A pint raised to my dear friends Ninelives, Bilbo, IGG, Knebby, Celia, Aqua, Otto, Magic Sam, EBD, (this list could get quite long), and all who've been so kind to us as of late. Cheers mates! You're the best! :beer:

:wub: Right back at you dear friend. So wonderful to see you here :D

:beer: :beer:

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Well Im not on your list Evster but Im going to have one as your pics made me thirsty! Crack. Gulp.

You're not "not" on my list friend! As I said, the list runs long. There's so many good people here! Cheers!

So glad to be back 9! Thanks for making me feel at home! :beer:

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The only alcohol I have in the house is a solitary can of Fosters (which I don't really like), but hey! I'm with a good bunch of people in this thread, so I'm gonna try it!

BTW - I've just been laughing at "School Of Rock" which is currently on Channel 4 here. Just heard Jack Black raging at the kids in the classroom 'cos they've "never heard of Jimmy Page"! :blink:

Cheers, everyone! :beer:

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Ha ha! Thought you'd like that. I clearly remember that song from the 70's also...reckon I could still do the dance to it as well, though I doubt I would be able to get as low as I used to nowadays. :lol:

Oh no! I remember it too! Can you still do the "Tiger Feet" dance (as immortalised by Mud) as well? I'm ashamed to admit that I can ... I might fall over my feet in the process, tho' :bagoverhead:

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