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I used to go to the Mason Jar in Phoenix a lot, was a great hangout, it closed in 2005 but has now reopened at the same location as The Rebel Lounge so I want to check it out again. On my bucket list of things to do.

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44 minutes ago, The Only Way To Fly said:

A glass of...  wait, who am I kidding?

A nice bottle of Malbec please. I've been alcohol free since 1 September and tobacco free since 20 September.

Looking forward to that first drink on 31 January and hopefully still tobacco free. For me, the tobacco struggle is the hardest. 

Good luck with the ciggy's mate. If you get past the crunch point, it turns into something you can't even contemplate going back to. The smell alone makes you think how the F did I ever do that?!?!

That's the good news, so keep going!

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On 2/22/2018 at 2:42 AM, zepscoda said:


Hi! May I sit down? We have a Union brand beer in Slovenia, but we pronunce it differently and the word means nothing in Slovene, so quite a revelation from you. Cheers.

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