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Hide your sheep!! :hysterical:

Thanks for the welcome! Pity we've lost all of the posts we made over the years. I put a lot of heart and soul and time and sweat into researching so many questions. The old board was a tome of facts if one was willing to do a litle digging. Now we have a "search" function and nothing to search :lol:! I'm not complaining. We'll fill this fucker up fast enough. The newbs will come with the same old questions, and we'll rattle the answers off by rote. That's cool. I do feel a pang of sadness for all that's been lost though. I met my love on the board. The whole history of our courtship took place there. All those flirtations. The unfolding of our relationship was all in posts on the board. That and so many other friendships that have proven true. The history is gone. We know how it happened, but all those laughs, all those bits of becoming friends, wiped away in a single stroke. I don't fault Sam. I'm thrilled to see the Zeppelin fire stoked so to speak, in the form of this new "official" board. I just hate that we must say goodbye to all that history on the old one. Maybe Sam could leave it up without more posting, so we could have that massive reel to spool through and quote from. So many great posts on so many topics. It would be a shame to just cast it all away.

Oh, and my damned avi still looks like a black square on my screen!

Ev, http://forums.ledzeppelin.com//index.php?showtopic=330

Tried to save some of the old stuff from the forum.

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I'd share one with you, if only I knew what the f**k a Hot Toddy is, Pilot. :wacko:

My, if we ever meet, will you help me with my poor English?? I don't have an extent pub vocabulaty, you know...


This will help you, but basically it's whisky, boiling water, sugar and lemon


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