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Suggestions for 4 hour Live Compilation CDs


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I'm about to made a compilation of Led Zeppelin Live in 3 CD's using the official material remastered by Kevin Shirley. Each CD peaks at 1h 20m, and I have the set list here (taking the song order from various 72, 73, 75, 77 & 79 performances):

---------- :: Disc 1 :: ----------

TSRTS - The Song Remains The Same

TSRTS - Celebration Day

LZDVD2 - Black Dog

LZDVD2 - Nobody's Fault But Mine

HTWWW - Over The Hills And Far Away

TSRTS - Misty Mountain Hop

TSRTS - Since I've Been Loving You

TSRTS - No Quarter

LZDVD2 - Going To California

LZDVD2 - That's The Way

LZDVD2 - Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp

LZDVD2 - In My Time Of Dying

---------- :: Disc 2 :: ----------

LZDVD2 - Trampled Underfoot

HTWWW - Dazed And Confused

HTWWW - What Is And What Should Never Be

LZDVD2 - Sick Again

LZDVD2 - Kashmir

LZDVD2 - Achilles Last Stand

LZDVD2 - In The Evening

TSRTS - Stairway To Heaven

---------- :: Disc 3 :: ----------

HTWWW - Moby Dick

HTWWW - Heartbreaker

HTWWW - Whole Lotta Love

LZDVD2 - Rock And Roll

HTWWW - Dancing Days

TSRTS - The Ocean

LZDVD1 - Communication Breakdown

LZDVD1 - C'Mon Everybody

LZDVD1 - Something Else

HTWWW - Bring It On Home

Any changes or suggestions are welcome!

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I did a compilation double cd a few years back entitled: Live Over the Misty Mountains

Track Listing:

Rock and Roll (TSRTS)

Celebration Day (TSRTS)

The Song Remains the Same (TSRTS)

The Rain Song (TSRTS)

Since I've Been Loving You (HTWWW)

No Quarter (TSRTS)

Dazed and Confused (TSRTS)

What Is and What Should Never Be (HTWWW)

Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp (HTWWW)

Dancing Days (HTWWW)

Moby Dick (HTWWW)

Stairway to Heaven (TSRTS)

Heartbreaker (HTWWW)

Black Dog (HTWWW)

Whole Lotta Love (TSRTS)

The Ocean (HTWWW)

Bring It On Home (HTWWW)

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Moby Dick off the DVD and I Can't Quit You Baby off the DVD are a MUST, seriously.

Anyways either TSRTS or HTWWW for Dazed both equally good although kind of different, I would also add the Supershow Dazed and Confused, also How Many More Times off the DVD (Black and White Denmark one) is a must.

Oh Also, switch SIBLY to the DVD, much better, in my opinion the song could not be better in this version.

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