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Best hippy song

Best hippy song  

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  1. 1. Best hippy song

    • Going to California
    • What is and What Should Never Be
    • Down by the Seaside
    • Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
    • Misty Mountain Hop
    • Ramble On
    • That's the Way
    • Over the Hills and Far Away
    • The Song Remains the Same
    • Other (specify)

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First song that come to mind for me

"Truckin" "Busted down on Bourbon Street, stood up like a bowling pin.....

Going to California might qualify but I never actually thought of zeppelin

as hippy music.

My second song that comes to mind would be "White Rabbit" B)

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I would agree that I don't consider their music to be in hippie style, but MMH does refer to hippie happenings. I've always thought of Within You Without You to be very hippie. I just see this song being played in a smoke filled room with beaded curtains and black lights.

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I voted OTAFA because it reminds me of San Fransisco. I don't really think of Zep when someone says hippie music. I think earlier like Janis, Hendriz, Jefferson Airplane, etc. Robert Plant lookslike a hippie though.

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You totally missed it.... In you poll options....

The Live version of Dazed And Confused from TSRTS..... Robert's refrain into "Are You Going...to San--Fran--cisco....."

100% agree! And not just Robert's singing, Jimmy's playing evokes hippie as much as anything I've ever heard. Makes me want to take off my bra, put on a gypsy skirt, and dance around waving curliques in the air with my hands ... free love, man. :hippy:

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The one that immediately comes to my mind (don't know thw group) is that one that goes:

Come on, people now

Smile on your brother

Everybody get together

Try to love one another right now

I admit it, I love that song! :hippy::hippy::hippy::bagoverhead::bagoverhead::bagoverhead:

Never thought of Zeppelin as hippy music, but no doubt they were groovy.

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Did any of you guys see that 100 greatest hard rock artitsts on VH1 a few years ago? (The #2 band was Sabbath). I just cracked up when Ozzy was talking about all the hippies and the flower power, San Franciso scene...as compared to Black Sabbath and Birmingham, England. I wish I could remember what he said, but I busted out laughing.

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Norman Greenbaum's Spirt in the Sky

"I got a friend named Jesus"

Best guitar sound ever, at it will only work for that song.

Yeah, cool guitar sound, but...that song has always kind of creeped me out! :lol:

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This is my pick for best hippy song:

Revival, Allman Brothers Band

People can you feel it? love is everywhere.

People can you hear it? love is in the air.

We're in a revolution. dont you know we're right.

Everyone is singing. yeah! there'll be no one to fight.

People can you feel it? love is everywhere.

I love the live at filmore east version :thumbsup:

A couple more Green Tamborine

Matchstick Men

Rainy Day Women

Hell we could go on for ever when you think about it. Just about anything from that era could be considered a "Hippie Song" Purple Haze is in my mind

How bout country joe Hot damn that vietnam

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How bout country joe Hot damn that vietnam

Gimme an... F

Gimme a.... U

Gimme a.... C

Gimme a ....K

What's that spell ?

geeeez...but DON'T be the first one to come home in a box. :'(

hey..that's reminds me of a joke....

You know why such a disproportion of black soldiers were killed in Vietnam ?

When the sargent yelled....GET DOWN !!!!

The black soldiers stood up and DANCED !


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