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Robert Plant The one show, YOUTUBE!


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Good! Another optimistic soul... any specifics that you care to tell?


:) well, I've always thought that (without being unrealistic) you either live in hope, or else die in vain.

I have to admit, I have absolutely nothing in the way of concrete evidence. I just have lots of 'little things', in a Columbo-type way.

Mostly based on gut instinct, an ability (as most of us have I suppose) of being able to read local mannerisms/language (Robert !), added to being completely baffled as to why Jimmy and Jonesy don't seem to be preparing for a serious tour of their own .......

....unless of course THEY ARE planning something without the inclusion of Robert ????? :huh:

I mean, if Robert had closed the book for good, he would be honest and tell them straight wouldn't he ? And surely they would be saying Ok, good luck, now lets get stuck into our own post-zeppelin collaboration (????) :unsure:

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