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Name the band!


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...Name my band!!!

Ok, let me fill you in on a few details here. I have been in numberous bands over the past 6 years. I played drums in the first two I was in but then started playing guitar in a band with my bro. We got a bass player on board, recorded a single, then an album, played a loada gigs, got a fan base, and me and my brother have now kicked Mr Bass player out for reasons too annoying to convey to you kindhearted people. Now it is just me and my brother. We work for a studio now as session musicians and we are going to record a second album, but we need a new band name. We were called "Swamp Donkey" (hmm) before but that name is taken quite a few times. So we need something new. I have racked my brain for months now but nothing has materialised, but we need a name for this coming Monday as that is the deadline for it as the guy we work for is going to be interviewed for a magazine in which he will plug the band.



PM OR EMAIL ME YOUR IDEAS AND I WILL SEE IF ANYTHING AWESOME MATERIALISES!! (I say PM or email me so that no one else starts jumping on the great ideas produced. :lol: )

Get thinking.

Your Friend, Red Eyed Richard. :thumbsup:

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Well, Virgina has thrown in her ideas, so soon as well. I am looking forward to hearing more from you out there.

Just a small note:

Ideally, I don't want a band name that has "the" at the beginning...there seems to be too many bands appearing on the music scene using the "the" prefix. I emphasise the word "ideally" though. :thumbsup:

Just keep your eyes and minds open for something awesome to suggest. Thanks.

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I say "prove it!" :P

Anyway, a good name for your band so far would be Tucked-away Twosome.

We will prove it when we get a new name. We are currently recording our next album. When we have the name you will be able to hear some of the stuff from the old album. But the new stuff is so much better. :thumbsup:

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I reassure it because I've heard it.

Cheers Alicia. I knew someone would back me up. :thumbsup:


Terrible terrible name, but in an unusually enticing way :P

Oh, hello ReR II :wave:

I think Harrisexual is very inventive Rabia. Unfortunately it reaks of ego. :lol: And Red Eyed Robert says hi back. :wave:

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