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In My time of Dying / Earls Court '75

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people...don't you think that "In My time of Dying" live version from Earls Court '75 is one of the best live performances ever? I believe all 4 Zeppelins were outstanding...even incredible...

Best ever is probably a bit OTT... :blink:

Yeah, it's good... Personally though, I've never thought that song translated as well live as the studio version...

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I hated that song first time I heard it. Then I got used to it. Then the live version inspired me to buy a slide. True story. Good times.

I was using the slide at a Sam Ash and then I played IMTOD. An employee asked who was playing off of PG and I raised my hand. I complained a bit on my technique and he just said basically to play it "from here" as all Zeppelin. True, but a bit cheesy.

'Nother true story.

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The Earl's Court version is by far the best I heard. For some reason, some of Plant's ad-libbing in the Flying Circus version just sounds... out of place.

edit: for some reason I thought the topic was about the Flying Circus version.

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