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Robert's Hair

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^ Maybe Robert will have a garage sale one day. :lol:

You were joking but it would be a good idea for a fundraiser. I wonder if Plant still has his stage clothes from his LZ days? Can you imagine what some of his jeans and blouses would fetch at auction; particularly the ones that he wore in concerts that were filmed. He could raise a lot of money for his favorite charities that way.

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^That is a good idea. I would like to have some of his jewelery... If I could afford it. :lol:

What a great idea. Can you imagine what chaos that would cause. People would be lined up for miles. I would like one of his little blue blouses. Oh, I would give my last dime for the blouse he wore when he sang SIBLY at the MSG for TSRTS.

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don't worry Robert me and my fellow plantadies will take care of you

I know that this is a topic about Robert's hair, but come on, does he really, really, really have to put his hand THERE??? I'm sorry but in this particular photo I can't look at his hair:))) This is beyond hot for me!

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